Enabling the future of advice

Paragem provides a comprehensive licensing solution for professional financial advisers seeking to provide high quality financial advice focused on the client.

We provide the freedom and flexibility for advisers to promote your own brand, build your own value proposition and select the platforms and products that best suit your clients’ needs.

Paragem is an industry leading specialist in practice transformation, assisting advisers wishing to embrace contemporary investment solutions such as managed portfolios and separately managed accounts (SMAs). We demonstrate how this can add value for your clients, provide a point of differentiation and build a more efficient, sustainable and profitable business.

Advisers choose Paragem as we provide you with the flexibility to run and grow your business as you see fit, while at the same time you belong to a network of experienced, professional and like-minded advisers. Paragem also provides a safe pair of hands, experienced in governance and compliance.

Latest Updates from our Blog

Industry funds’ advise arms grapple with their demons

The next few weeks are very important for the advice profession as the Royal Commission moves away from the private sector and into the superannuation arena via a review of industry funds and their advice arms. We are finally heading toward a reality check around the...

Managing the managed account risk

We need to think hard about the latest industry trend for advisers to create and manage or package their own managed accounts. It’s a natural direction due to technology advancements and it offers reduced paperwork on what might be termed hygiene compliance issues...

When will I ever learn?

When will I ever learn? An apt musical reference, courtesy of Van Morrison, for the advice profession and all AFSL holders, as news regarding the closure of the Dover AFSL sinks in and up to 400 authorised representatives find themselves in need of licensing within 30...

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