Our Solution:
Enabling the delivery of quality advice

The Paragem AFSL provides a unique opportunity for successful, professional advisers to join a licensee focused on supporting your business, so you can focus on providing high quality advice.

Our focus is on licensing quality advisers who are aligned to a professional culture and creating value for them and their clients.

Access to a network of like-minded advice professionals

As a Paragem authorised adviser you will be part of a broad and successful network of professional advisers. Through our professional development days, we provide access to thought leadership and encourage the sharing of information and ideas across the network.

Flexibility to build your business

Practices in our network have the flexibility to create and build your own brand and value proposition with the support of our knowledge and expertise. Our philosophy provides you with the freedom to choose the products and platforms that best suit your clients’ needs.

Support in transforming your business

A core component of our value proposition is the guidance we provide in assisting practices to readjust their value proposition to adapt to the changing environment. We can assist you to understand your investment philosophy and embrace market leading portfolio construction and investment options. We can help you leverage the latest technology to develop practice efficiency and scalability, so that you can focus on the provision of advice.

Guidance in implementing managed portfolios and managed account investment options in your business

Paragem’s expertise in implementing managed portfolio and managed account investment options through a range of providers,  can help you and your clients experience the benefits including:

Access to cost effective solutions for your clients

Paragem encourages advisers to select from an extensive range of professionally managed investment programmes available on contemporary platforms, that are cost effective to the consumer. We do not receive white label revenue or charge additional ‘licensee administration fees’, preferring to use our scale to reduce the cost to the client.


  • Increased consistency across multiple accounts – transactions for clients can be more efficiently managed, for example making portfolio changes across multiple clients at the same time;
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment – enabling better risk management, with timely transactions and improved tax management;
  • Efficiency – reduced on-going administration requirements for investment changes made within the managed portfolios; and
  • Scalability – the ability to free up time, avoid key-person dependency and accommodate growth.

Why do advisers choose to partner with Paragem?

Stinton Wealth Management

Matt Stinton, Director & Principal Adviser at Stinton Wealth Management, shares his thoughts on what advisers should look for when selecting a licensee and why Paragem was the right fit for his practice.

Ford & Scott Financial Planning

Tim Scott, Director at Ford & Scott Financial Planning, shares what they were looking for in a licensee and why building a Client Value Proposition, accessing the right technology, and licensee support was so important to growing their business.

Stinson Hastie & Co

Peter Hastie, Principle Financial Planner at Stinson Hastie & Co, shares why compliance support, adviser culture and professional development were key reasons they chose to partner with Paragem.

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